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Vaguely Accurate is a series based science podcast hosted by Daniel Kelsey-Wilkinson. Each series Vaguely Accurate will address a real world problem which is under current investigation by cutting-edge institutions and research centres. Throughout the series we will meet students, specialist researchers & science communicators to deliver you a story of science with tangible applications. By providing a narrative we hope to provide context of a scientific endeavour many may not understand at first glance.

Each week we will meet key players within a research centre each working towards a common goal from various angles. We will attempt to understand complex scientific concepts in an easily digestible format and to communicate why their research is important to address the overarching goal of the research centre.

We aim to provide a window into the value of science on real world problems.

Series 1

Throughout series 1 we have aimed to bridge-the-gap between the scientific community and the public. Each week we meet an amateur science communicator and/or researcher here in WA or from across the globe to learn from their research, motivations and experiences.

Series 2 – Coming Soon

The ARC Center of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology (PEB) is a cutting-edge research center focused on better understanding the complex energy systems of plants. Their overarching mission is to enhance the energy efficiency of plants and improve their sustainable productivity under changing environments. They are funded under the Centers of Excellence scheme to continue their research until 2020.

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Daniel Kelsey-Wilkinson is many things, a science communicator; podcaster; martial artist; oceanographer; geek; nerd; gamer, but above all is an English Gentleman. With a background in the geosciences (ocean & atmospheric science) he has a passion to learn about the world around him and explain to others why things are the way they are. After graduating at Plymouth University in the UK he moved to Perth, Australia to peruse a career in oceanography. However, after many years in this field (and many bouts of sea-sickness) Daniel is now channelling his passion into the communication of Science.

Daniel, AKA DK, is the host of Vaguely Accurate and co-owner of the Ace Podcast Network. The idea behind APN is to develop a mutually beneficial community of podcast hosts who work together by sharing technical skills, advice and knowledge. APN also offers services such as consultations, webinars and workshops to help individuals achieve their podcasting goals.

Ace Knowledge Podcasting is the second initiative of APN, developed by Daniel, to be the first science communication podcasting community. Podcasts are a powerful tool for communication, engagement and public outreach. It seems silly not to have a network where like-minded enthusiasts and professionals can come together, cross-promote and collaborate to act as a single power of science communication.