#011 – Mental Health Experiences: Anorexia & Depression

Browyn Milkins

Our featured guest for this episode is Bronwyn Milkins, a PhD candidate at The University of Western Australia in the field of psychology. She is also a multi award-winning public speaker, educator, and storyteller on the subject of mental health. Her passion lies in creating mentally healthy communities and inspiring others to take real steps that transform their world.

*Part 1 of 2*

Bronwyn specialises in the field of cognitive psychology and investigates the perceptions and fallacies those with insomnia may have towards themselves and their ability to sleep. We also discuss the field of psychology, where it fits into the framework of science and some upcoming applications for when psychology meets technology. I personally found this discussion extremely enlightening and hope to have further discussions with Bronwyn in the future.

*Part 2 of 2*

It was amazing to have the occasion to sit down and talk to Bronwyn about mental health and her personal experiences. Opportunities to openly discuss the themes and misconceptions of anorexia, depression and body dysmorphia are rare and that is a shame. By no means should these subjects be seen as taboo or shameful. By holding more open conversations about mental health, those that suffer in silence may be more open to speak. ** It’s Not Weak To Speak**

If anyone would like to get in contact with Bronwyn please find her website and twitter handle below. Also if anyone would like to get in contact with myself at Vaguely Accurate, please feel free to do so. We love to meet new people and hold fascinating discussions.

Twitter: @bronmilkins