#014 – Electrostimulation Therapy for Spinal Injury Rehabilitation

3D spine with glitter effect
3D render of a spine with disintegration effect

Vanesa Bochkezanian is a physiotherapist from Argentina with many years of clinical experience who has transitioned to the world of research. In this episode we will develop a greater understanding of those with spinal injuries and how different degrees of injury can impact the lifestyle of an individual. Vanesa is completing her PhD at Edith Cowan University investigating the rehabilitation process via electrostimulation therapy.

*PhD funded by ‘Spinal Cord Injuries Australia’ (SCIA)*

Vanesa Bochkezanian was amazing to talk too and a very humble guest. I hope many of you benefit from this discussion as I did. If you have any questions on this topic or for Vanesa and I please reach out to us via social media or e-mail: vaguecomments@gmail.com

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