#017 – Non-toxic Metabolic Management Of Cancer: A Ketogenic Diet


Today we learn about a sensitive subject almost everyone will have experienced in one way or another – cancer. To be more detailed we will be discussing a form of non-toxic adjuvant therapy known as the ketogenic diet. In our 17th episode, coming close to the end of series 1, we meet Angela Poff, a research associate from the University of South Florida & medical consultant at ‘Poff Medical Consulting & Communications’. Angela completed her PhD investigating the effect nutrition can have as a secondary treatment or preventative to cancer development. She has continued with this research in her current role and her team are making huge strides in this field.

Throughout the show we discuss:

  • What is cancer and what treatments are out there?
  • How can a specialised diet influence the proliferation of cancer?
  • What is a ketogenic diet?
  • What does the current research says about marijuana and cancer?
  • What research is currently being conducted in this field & how can it help us?

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it. Angela was amazingly insightful to talk to and I hope you all benefit from this episode. As always check out Ace Podcast Network for more fantastic shows & if you are considering to establish your own show you should get in contact with them to see what they can offer you – www.acepodcastnetwork.com

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