We’re a multimedia science broadcasting platform and aim to promote the work of early career researchers and provide current science and technology news in an easily digestible format.
Our podcasts explore a wide variety of early career science research, delving into the struggles, significance and limitations of scientific research. Podcasts are released weekly and are located on iTunes and all other podcast apps. For the second season we will be changing things up slightly. Each series Vaguely Accurate will address a real world problem which is under current investigation by cutting-edge institutions and research centers. Throughout the series we will meet students, specialist researchers & science communicators to deliver you a story of science with tangible applications. By providing a narrative we hope to provide context of a scientific endeavor many may not understand at first glance.Each week we will meet key players within a research center each working towards a common goal from various angles. We will attempt to understand complex scientific concepts in an easily digestible format and to communicate why their research is important to address the overarching goal of the research center.

Science news doesn’t always have to be long and complex in order to convey key concepts and applications. As such, we aim to produce current, engaging and digestible content for our diverse audience.


A lot of time and effort is invested in undergraduate and graduate projects. However, these projects infrequently receive the recognition they deserve. Despite being frequently limited by funding, time, and experience, the insights s afforded by these endeavours yield great potential. We hope to provide a platform for researchers to share their thoughts, breakthroughs and limitations.