Special – Ashley Cooper, Global Warming Photographer: Shooting Natures Response to Climate Change

The Barron falls below Kuranda in the rainforest in Queensland, Australia. - Photographer
The Barron falls below Kuranda in the rainforest in Queensland, Australia.

Globe Trotter

Ashley Cooper is an environmental photographer who has spent the past 13 years visiting every continent on the globe to visually document the effects of global warming. What’s unique about Ashley’s approach is that he doesn’t just document physical changes of the world. The medium of photography allows him to capture the sociological impacts of global warming. His work highlights the impact of global warming on a human scale and also showcases cutting-edge innovation of environmentally friendly technology.

I spoke to Ashely about his journey and the lasting impressions his global tour has given him. Join our discussion to learn about how the Inuit’s of the Arctic are fighting back; how innovators of India have developed ‘green’ technology and to learn about the damage global warming has caused by an individual with first-hand experience.

Ashley Cooper has been awarded the environmental photographer of the year (CAT: Global Warming) in 2010, appeared on the Acclimatise Podcast and has collated 495 of his best images into a spectacular book. Images from a Warming Planet is a visual bible which documents the impact of global warming – from ocean acidification to extreme meteorological events. Check out the link above find more about this product. Alternatively, take a look at the stunning archive Ashley has collected over the years on his website – Global Warming Images

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