A Podcast is an on-demand audio show, freely available and accessible to all with an internet connection. The medium can be utilised to tell stories, experiences, deliver advice or scientific knowledge in an engaging way, allowing you to become the producer.

This is a powerful tool for academics within this post-truth, fake-news error. A credible scientist can control the delivery of their message to an audience without fear of facts being taken out of context. This also allows an audience to listen to a credible individual without fear of cognitive bias or selective confirmation of information. This medium can be used build a career profile, communicate science or even deliver lectures.

Our Communications & Podcast Consultancy is here to help you have a voice and be heard by the masses. Adam, Lee & DK collectively have years of communication, marketing and scientific experience which can be used to make the difference between your content blending in and standing out. By applying this knowledge to the field of communications and podcasting we are able to offer a collection of support services to all our clients:

  • Launching support
  • Content Creation Training
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Post-launch Maintenance