Episode Format

If you are currently conducting research or have recently finished and would like a platform to explain your work then this is it. Vaguely accurate can offer you the opportunity to talk openly & freely about your research allowing you to breakdown your investigations into digestible chunks, analogies & explanations. You receive the chance to have a voice, justify your work & talk about your experiences.

While an informal discussion takes place you will also be encouraged to explain your research concisely to a lay audience. If I can’t understand, then our listeners (who are way more intelligent than I) are likely to not either. This is the second benefit of hosting a conversation on Vaguely Accurate – To further develop your communication skills. A growing emphasis is being placed upon higher degree & early career researchers to effectively communicate their research to peer & lay audiences. This can seem like another daunting task to some, however by coming on the show you will be communicating to a varied international audience in a controlled space.

What to Expect

  • Each episode will last between 30 minutes and 1 hour.
  • A likable & easy going host.
  • Conversation segways!
  • The framework for an episode is to discuss your field and its advances, your research (methodology, results, limitations, applications and motivations) and any topics you are passionate about.
  • High editorial attention, i.e. controlled environment: we can remove any sections you aren’t happy with.
  • Upon release, a sharable free audio show showcasing your research & experiences.
  • Episode question framework:
    • Could you please introduce yourself and your field?
    • Are you able to define your field in your own words & state why it is important?
    • What is your thesis title / research subject?
    • Can you tell us what you hope to find and also explain your methodology?
    • What are the applications / significance of your research?
    • Has there been any limitations to your research or any obstacles which you have had to overcome?
    • What motivated you to pursue research in this field?
    • Do you have any advice for our audience?

What We Want

For all intents and purposes this is a science communication initiative aiming to highlight & to expand the outreach of modern cutting-edge research. Most of our episodes hold a particular focus on Australian research, however the odd special does showcase the work of individuals elsewhere. What we want from you is:

  • A willingness to talk openly & freely about your research
  • A commitment that you will hold to any appointments – Skype or face-to-face
  • A voice of enthusiasm & passion for the subject
  • A fun attitude
  • Permission to be recorded & have your voice/conversation publicly distributed

If this sounds like your cup of tea or even something you are willing to try in attempt to get out of your comfort zone then get in contact with us. We reasonably flexible with are meeting times and can provide coffee if we meet at my office.

To get in contact either fill out the ‘Contact’ page form or e-mail us directly at ‘Vaguecomments@gmail.com’