Resources for Science Communication & Journalism

The growth of user-generated content has caused some controversy of-late, however there are still some fantastic resources out there if you cut through the noise. Not everything is ‘peer-reviewed’ however some material, licensed under creative commons, are excellent sources of knowledge waiting to be shared, utilised and exploited. We have been scouring the internet for content to improve science communication performance amongst professionals and enthusiasts. Below is a detailed list of resources which we have found to be extremely helpful over the years. These resources allow for a continued adaptive approach when conducting investigations

Note: Most of these resources have been developed for journalism professionals however many of the concepts, skills and techniques are applicable. Please share with friends, colleagues, professionals and family.

The Verification Handbook #1-3: Released under the Creative Commons license, it provides tools, techniques and step-by-step guidelines for how to deal with user-generated content, verify sources & fact-check. Visit the website for more details

**A powerful collection of resources**

Verification.Handbook #1_The Essentials

Verification.Handbook #2_For Investigative Reporting

Verification.Handbook #3_Additional Materials


The Psychology of Climate Change Communication & A Guide to Effective Climate Change Communication: Two independent e-books which aim to offer advice, tools and techniques on how to deliver climate science to a wide audience. Both these books take an applied approach to tackle the psychological theories of cognitive bias & selective exposure exhibited by some of today’s public.

The Psycohology Of Climate Change Communication

A Guide To Effective Climate Change Commnuication

Online Privacy Guide for Journalists: A comprehensive guide to digital security for journalism in 2017. It is important to protect you sources, confidenciatliy is usually the best method. This guide covers the basic & advanced steps of cyber securty for your own personal information and data.

Privacy Guide For Journalism In 2017