Special: Helen Czerski – Experimental Explosive Physics, Science Communication & Cosmic Shambles Live

Helen Czerski

Today we have a special episode of Vaguely Accurate. We meet Helen Czerski, a physicist, oceanographer and science communicator for the BBC. She graduated from Cambridge University in 2001 with a 1st degree in Physics and then furthered her education with a PhD in experimental explosive physics – we do talk about what exactly this is. Helen currently works as a Research Fellow in the department of mechanical engineering at University College London. She is over in Australia for the Cosmic Shambles Live tour and very generously gave us some of her time.

In this episode we talk about both her research experience and science communication. We will find out how a continuing fascination with the world of very fast small-scale phenomena led her from explosives to the study of ocean bubble formation; her philosophies on science communication and we will discuss the Cosmic Shambles Live tour.

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