The Host: Daniel Kelsey-Wilkinson

Its time to give a face to the voice of Vaguely Accurate.  

Driving a boat

Daniel Kelsey-Wilkinson is many things, a science communicator; podcaster; martial artist; oceanographer; nerd; gamer, but above all is an English Gentleman. With a background in the geosciences (ocean & atmospheric science) he has a passion to learn about the world around him and explain to others why things are the way they are. After graduating at Plymouth University in the UK he moved to Perth, Australia to peruse a career in oceanography. However, after many years in this field (and many bouts of sea-sickness) Daniel is now channelling his passion into the communication of Science. Some of his personal research interests include Marine Ecology – Seagrass & Ocean Acidification. 

Below are some of the projects Daniel has worked on. To be perfectly honest this is just a selfish excuse to showcase some of the beautiful locations he has visited in the line of work & in the name of science.

  • Edge-wave dynamics and morphology of beach cusps (Research Assistant) @ Secret Harber, Australia
  • The hydrodynamics of a macro-tidal reef & Influence of algal reef hydrodynamics on primary biota (Research Assistant) @ Tallon Island, Cygnet Bay, Australia
  • Near-shore hydrodynamics on a rocky reef (Research Assistant) @ Garden Island, Australia
  • Hydrodynamics of the site for the SHELL FLNG (Operational Oceanographer) @ Offshore
  • MetOcean Survey at the Outer Exmouth Plateau (Operational Oceanographer) @ Offshore

Many more………

“I have been very lucky with my career. I have seen some incredible locations across the UK and Australia with my favourite being Talon Island – an island found off the coast of Cygnet Bay in the Pilbara of Western Australia. 

Talon Island is one of a group of macro-tidal islands clustered together. The tidal range in this part of the world is rather large (~10m) and is also semi-diurnal (ebbs & floods twice a day). This ensures that the speed of the water is pretty fast during an ebbing tide. The water rushing off the islands creates a natural ‘whirlpool’ between the islands – it’s astonishing!

I am an avid martial artist holding a black belt in Jeet Kune Do & a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). I also foster dogs through SABBR during my free time, providing them loving refuge until they are able to find a forever home. When I am not too busy I nerd it out with comics and video games. Check out ‘American Vampire’ by Scott Synder!!”

Talks, Presentations & Involvement

The Importance of Science Communication & Opportunities (Presentation) @ Research Bazaar Conference, Curtin University

Give Yourself A Voice (Talk) @ INSPIRE by AWARE 

Podcast Journalist @ Communicate 2 Inspire by Australian Science Communicators

How To Podcast & Communicate To A Lay Audience (Workshop) 


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