Podcasting Your Science Workshops



The team of APN working together to give you a great podcasting and science communication experience

With the ever increasing need for media to be ‘On Demand’ and available at the touch of a screen, it is becoming the age of the podcast! Aside from being a really fun and rewarding hobby, podcasting has become so much more. The consumption of podcasts is steadily rising at an inspiring rate making it now easier than ever to get your voice out there to the masses!

A founding principle of science communication is ‘to build a strong and open relationship between society and science underpinned by its effective communication of science and its uses’. Furthermore, there is an increasing requirement for effective science communication to deliver unbiased news and knowledge to the public. Using podcasting as a platform, you can create and adapt methods of introducing these topics to any audience all over the world and become an authority on any topic that you choose!

With your podcast, you’re the boss, meaning you can do what you want, when you want and in any way that you want. What this workshop will do for you is help you to take your idea, and give you the tools to develop and curate it into a successful podcast!

One of the best things about podcasts is that it is anyone can start one! In our experience, the biggest hurdle is a successful launch and this workshop will be the ‘leg-up’ that you need to get over that hurdle and ahead of the pack.

A range of topics will be covered during this hands on workshop, including but not limited to…

  • Concept Design
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Podcasting
  • Software, Hardware & Tools
  • The Best Practices to Achieve Results
  • How to Build, Grow and Maintain You Audience
  • Actionable Advice on How to Start/Grow Your Own Podcast

There are an untold amount of incredible podcasts that have not made it passed the conceptual phase or have been abandoned after a less than successful launch, you will leave this workshop with everything that you need to make your idea reach its ultimate potential!

Note: Before the event you will receive a link containing files and software. Please download these prior to the workshop.